Podcast: Meet Nikki Biers Author of Adoption, The Best Gift

Book Spotlight: Adoption, The Best Gift by Nikki Biers


Date: Monday, November 23, 2011
Time: 10:00 A.M.
Duration: 30 minutes


When Nikki Biers and her husband were beginning to look into adoption, they had no idea what to expect or where to start. They met with an adoption attorney who was very thorough legally, but had no idea how to support them emotionally. First adoption experiences can be overwhelming and even a little frightening especially not knowing what questions to ask or what to expect from a birthmother. They wished there had been some kind of reference material or book to let them know if they were on the right track and where they were in the adoption process.
Through the adoption of their three children as well as years as an experienced adoption facilitator, Nikki realized she wasn’t alone in her desire for information. Adoption, The Best Gift was born from this need for basic procedural and emotional guidance.
Each chapter covers an important step toward making the dream of family a reality. The book is rich with examples of actual client stories, as well as their joys, fears and concerns during the process of bringing their babies into their families. These personal examples and the documentation of the various emotions that may surface along the way, combined with clear explanations of what to expect, make Adoption, The Best Gift an essential guide for anyone considering adoption.

Nikki Biers has over 20 years experience and is a recognized expert in the adoption community. She is a Director at Best Gift Adoptions, Inc., a California State registered adoption facilitation office. Since the formation of her organization in 1995, she has been responsible for the placement of over 250 babies into loving families.

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In the pages of this book you will discover a woman who lives by example; who walks the walk as well as talks the talk. My husband and I had 4 children and our thoughts about adoption drifted in and out like the tide. Everything happens for a reason and people come into our lives to teach us, I have discovered. It was quite by accident that I met Nikki, I thought. Now I know that is not the case. She and her husband Michael changed the course of our family’s life by presenting us with an opportunity that will be forever indelible in our very existence. It is because of them and the ease with which they brought unto us our fifth child, Olivia Luna, that a match, and adoption and a blessing for all of us took place. A “situation” like this, a process that can be harrowing at best, was made effortless by a woman who only wants the very best and understands the most basic human need for a child, a family. She found one for this tiny human being and our already established tribe. And, we have found one in her… Joely Fisher, Actress

The experience of working with you on the adoption of my baby has been one of the most wonderful of my life. I’m .so grateful to you, not first for my beautiful new daughter, but for showing me that its possible to combine real professionalism with compassion in such a graceful and wonderfully effective way… Cathy Guisewite, Creator of the “Cathy” Comic Strip

Every question is answered in Nikki’s comprehensive guidebook, which I whole-heartedly recommend. My prayer is that all children and all who desire to parent find each other and create a positive family experience together, forever… Dr. Terry Cole-Whittaker


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Podcast: Meet Nibi Soto Author of Beyond the Map’s Boundary

Book Spotlight: Beyond the Map’s Boundary, A Timely Sort of Adventure by Nibi Soto


Date: Thurs, November 10, 2011, 3:30 PM
Duration: 30 minutes

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Beyond the Map’s Boundary, is Nibi Soto’s first novel in her popular time travel series for lovers of young adult, fantasy fiction. We check in with Nibi as she prepares to release the second book in the series: The Chronicles of Quant, which will be available in early 2012.


All Mattie Bott and Trevor Karington have ever known were unusually happy, stable lives without any hint as to who they really are. Suddenly, Mattie starts seeing into the future and witnessing historical events appearing on particles of light. Unknowingly, Mattie was born into a family of Trekkers (time travelers). In order to save Mattie from dissolving into the core of time, Trevor becomes her Splitter (time link), making it possible for her to return to the present following each Divvy (time travel) to the past. With the accidental discovery of the Rings of Prather Mendell, Trevor now shares many of her powers as her partner. Together they try to foil the plan of the Interloper (an illicit time traveler from the future), who will stop at nothing to possess the secret, supernatural abilities of the time travelers and the forbidden powers of the rings.


Nibi Soto graduated from Weber State University, Brigham Young University, and Art Center College of Design with lots of degrees. She has many prestigious awards in a wide variety of fields from college and professional sports to design and art. As a new novelist, yet seasoned member of this mortal existence, she knows that the daunting task of breaking into the world of writing will be another fun adventure that is full of new experiences, challenges, and opportunities to meet new people.

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Beyond the Map’s Boundary is somehow both charming and tense, and the world the characters inhabit is deep and complicated, perfect for realistic fantasy.  The action is riveting, and the plot will absolutely draw the reader in.  The level of detail demands that this story be re-read and appreciated for its nuances.
J. Blackmore – Allbooks Reviews

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